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This is the SourceForge home of the AreaJ project. AreaJ is an advanced online archival application suite for digital image storage and management. There is also a personal homepage of areaj at


4/3/2002: AreaJ 1.2 is out! 1.2 is a maintentance release providing the following main features:

  1. Implement upgrade script for data migration from 1.0.
  2. Make it possible to run two areaj servers on the same machine
  3. Implement 404 handler to make display of result pages much speedier
  4. caption owners have the right to delete captions (rather than the owner of the image)
  5. fixed a bug wherein browsing all users' captions was causing a crash
3/19/02: AreaJ 1.1 has just been released on this site (see the download links). File package on sourceforge soon to follow.


AreaJ is built using many open-source libraries. Also, I believe strongly in the value of open source. AreaJ is therefore (c) Thomas K. Burkholder and redistributable under the GNU General Public License.

Feature Set

The feature set is huge, but I'll try to distill it down to large functional areas:

You may also find the latest Help file useful.

Installation Requirements

AreaJ uses exclusively open-source, off-the-shelf libraries and products, most notably apache, mod_perl and mysql. I mostly run it on Debian/unstable, but it should be possible to run on nearly any linux or bsd box, with minor tweaking. Here is a list taken from a recent README file from the install tarball:

Packages I had to install on debial/linux:

CPAN modules:

Development Information

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